49ers HC reveals when he first thought Brock Purdy could be 2023 starter

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan recognized Brock Purdy as his potential starting quarterback for 2023 before making it official. 

According to Matt Barrows of The Athletic, Purdy's performances in three games last December showed the coach that the rookie could lead the team to the playoffs in 2022.

Purdy impressed Shanahan by playing through pain in Week 15 despite a broken rib from his previous game. 

Shanahan praised Purdy's accurate performance against Seattle. 

He didn't make excuses. He had bad plays, but he never blamed it on his injury. 

He wasn't like that. That's why players believed in him. Perfect in every way. All real. I thought, "This guy is trustworthy.

Purdy became the starting quarterback after Garoppolo got injured in Week 13 against the Miami Dolphins on Dec. 4.

The last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft led San Francisco to a 33-17 win against Miami and won his first two starts. 

Purdy broke his rib in a game against Tampa last month but still played well in a win against Seattle. 

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