Aaron Rodgers exits MetLife Stadium on a cart

And now, we find ourselves in a state of anticipation. As Monday night unfolded, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers found himself stepping onto a cart, emerging from the azure-colored medical tent. 

This unexpected journey was prompted by a lower limb injury that occurred during the initial drive of the Week 1 encounter against the formidable Bills.

With determination, Rodgers disembarked from the cart, his walk marked by a noticeable limp as he made his way into the locker room.

Currently, his official status is listed as 'questionable' due to the ankle ailment he sustained. We will vigilantly monitor all available sources for the eagerly anticipated official update.

It is worth noting that this setback follows Rodgers' earlier calf injury, which occurred during strenuous offseason workouts. 

Remarkably, he had appeared in robust health throughout both training camp and the preseason, adding intrigue to this unexpected turn of events.

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