Bengals' Joe Burrow Gets New Haircut After Loss To Browns

After another painful loss to a familiar opponent, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow realized a change was needed.

Collins is released from PUP by Bengals as a free agent.Ben Baby contacted his trusted barber while on the phone.

Burrow had one of his worst NFL performances in a 24-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns, a team he and the Bengals have struggled against. Three days later, he practiced without long hair.

When you have a game like that on Sunday," Burrow smiled Wednesday at his weekly news conference.

After Sunday's game, longtime Cincinnati native Darnell Bonner was asked about his availability. Bonner, 31, has been the Bengals' unofficial stylist since cutting his own hair in seventh grade and working as a barber for five years.

After months of lengthy hair, Burrow requested his former haircut. Bonner gave Burrow his typical low fade with a size 2 clipper guard. 

Bonner said Burrow is flexible and liberal about scheduling. But his field intensity crosses over to the barber's chair.

Cody Core, a 2016 sixth-round wide receiver, was Bonner's first Bengals client. When a coworker introduced Bonner to Core, he worked at a local spa temporarily.

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