Chandler Jones Goes off on Raiders, Suggests He Wants to Change Teams

Las Vegas Raiders drama-free until older player stirs pot. Chandler Jones, veteran defensive end, unhappy with team.

Jones couldn't access the team gym and didn't receive a response from the general manager when he reached out. 

 Jones shared explicit details about the situation in NSFW Instagram stories on September 5th.

Jones refuses to play for the Raiders with Ziegler and McDaniels still in charge. He praised defensive coordinator Patrick Graham. 

The raiders face the Broncos soon, so the player's tirade is concerning. More to learn, not good.

Chandler Jones, a player with a clean record in the NFL, deserves the benefit of the doubt until more information is revealed. 

Bad situation for the Raiders currently. Young team, a bad year, the leader wants the coach and GM out or he leaves.

Jones contacted Antonio Brown, who also caused trouble for the Raiders in 2019 before their game against the Broncos.

Jones may refuse to work with McDaniels and Ziegler, leading to a potential holdout or trade. 

The Raiders should improve communication with Jones, who feels unable to talk to Ziegler or McDaniels.

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