Chicago Bears Justin Fields Apologizes To Fans After Embarrassing Loss To Packers

The Chicago Bears were optimistic in 2023. Their lineup revolved around Justin Fields.

DJ Moore assisted receivers. Tremaine Edmunds was anticipated to lead a defensive improvement.

The offensive line was revamped to safeguard the franchise quarterback. After Sunday's game, Fields apologized to supporters for everything going wrong.

Everything might have gone wrong happened. While there were some bright points, the Packers dominated.

Fields told the Chicago Tribune. I apologize to teammates and people that supported us. Our recovery will be good.”

The offensive line was bad. If the quarterback doesn't have time to pass, the offense's weapons don't matter.

The defensive line had the lowest PFF pass rush rate since 2021. Chase Claypool appears to be one of the worst league trades. 

On top of that, their expensive linebackers lost a big day to running back Aaron Jones. It seems like 2022 for a squad attempting to improve.

Justin Fields magic is needed for the Chicago Bears to contend in 2023. The roster is messy after week 1. Hopefully, they can improve this week and rebound in week 2.

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