Chiefs DT Chris Jones says he recouped $3.6M in fines with new contract

The Kansas City Chiefs and Chris Jones have settled their contract dispute. However, it's short.

Jones was fined $3.6 million for missing training camp and the NFL season's opening week.

Jones recently tweeted that he "could afford it." when someone said he may lose a lot of money if he held off.

He perfectly reacted to a tweet about how much money he lost on Monday, when he signed his new agreement.

Chris Jones was penalized almost $2M for skipping training camp, including forfeiting a $500,000 workout incentive and a $1.1M game check for Week 1. 

About $3.6M gone. He signs a revised 1-year agreement for this season, not large. It will be intriguing to observe his outcome."

Jones replied, "Got it all back!" I've never seen a flex like that.

Jones will play for the Chiefs this week if a trade is made. Expect him against the Jaguars.

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