Chiefs Had No Choice but to Adjust Patrick Mahomes’s Deal

Reworking Patrick Mahomes's contract to move more than $43 million from its last five years to these following four years wasn't necessary.

The Chiefs and Mahomes signed a deal three years ago that they expected would alter with the market.

 With his APY (average per year) tripling during the last six years of the 12-year pact, which added 10 years to his rookie contract.

Joe Burrow break the $50 million-per-year barrier, which was also the average on Mahomes's 2026-31 deal. Again, the Chiefs almost had to act.

Mahomes' camp may have asked. Naturally, the Chiefs would do it and do whatever it took to satisfy Mahomes.

Kansas City was happy to work with Cabott and the quarterback to update the deal for the NFL's changing economy.