Colin Kaepernick’s Reported Jets Interest Sparks Passionate Pitch From Skip Bayless

Colin Kaepernick hasn't had many chances to return to the NFL, the discussion has died down. 

 The former 49ers quarterback is ready and eager for a shot after being out of the game since the 2016 season.

After it was reported that Kaepernick informed NFL writer Jordan Schultz that his agency contacted the Jets after Aaron Rodgers' injury, the buzz returned.

Skip Bayless, presenter of FS1's Undisputed, appears to support Kaepernick's NFL return. 

The outspoken media figure delivered a pitch describing why he feels Kaepernick can still play at this point in his career.

Bayless said he doesn't think the Jets would try Kaepernick after Rodgers's injury, but he "absolutely" thinks he can play “right here, right now.”

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