Cowboys Projected to Make $182 Million Move

According to Fat Joe, “Yesterday's price is not today's price” and the Dallas Cowboys are discovering that exceptional pass rushers are becoming more expensive.

Nick Bosa inked a five-year, $170 million agreement with $122.5 million guaranteed at season's start.

The 49ers' move unofficially puts the Cowboys on the clock for Micah Parsons' next contract, which may exceed Bosa's. 

The team may take up Parsons' fifth-year option for 2025 and his four-year, $17 million rookie deal through 2024.

105.3 Bobby Belt of The Fan predicts that Parsons will get a five-year, $182.5 million deal this summer if the Cowboys can extend him.

Belt tweeted, “My best guess for Micah's deal (if you are proactive and get it done next spring): 5 years, $182.5 million, $130 million guaranteed,” after Bosa's signing.

Parsons was pleased when Bosa inked his mega-deal. Parsons said Bosa has set the bar for his team.

“Super happy for Nick Bosa, man,” Parsons told reporters September 6. He proved why he was the league's greatest last year, and that gives you something to follow, dude.

"And not for his contract, but for his greatness. Studying his attitude reveals his patience and letting the game come to him.He knows I'm coming.”

The Dallas pass rusher stressed that Parsons' upcoming deal involves more than simply a bigger cash account.

Parsons discussed his second contract expectation with Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News on September 5.

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