Cowboys Trade Rumor: Chris Jones for Osa?

FRISCO Even though Chris Jones "liked" a tweet suggesting he be moved to "America's Team," his contract stalemate with the Kansas City Chiefs likely has little to do with the Dallas Cowboys.

Week 1 has arrived. The Chiefs play the Lions on Thursday, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes is talking about turning the page.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce publicly begs Jones to sign. The situation is frustrating Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

“I can’t tell you,” Reid told reporters when asked for an update. "I don't know his agenda or whether he's coming. 

The public's attention increased when Jones seemed to approve a tweet about his joining the Cowboys.

What did Jones say about this? One mysterious tweet: "More motivated than ever!"

The reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs have few weaknesses.

However, this threatens to be one, so other NFL clubs (or at least fans and media) may be curious about change.

As mentioned above, the Cowboys are unlikely to spend $30 million APY on a defensive lineman, even this good. 

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