Cowboys Urged to Strike Blockbuster Trade for Rival $33 Million Star

The Dallas Cowboys traded with the San Francisco 49ers and are now urged to make a more significant deal than the previous one. 

Analyst Voch Lombardi proposes Cowboys consider trading for Nick Bosa due to a contract dispute with the 49ers.

Lombardi explained that when Ian Rapoport speaks, people listen. Ian Rapoport's comments made me think about two things.

He says both sides are not close, and I responded with 'hmmmmm.' By preseason's end, something will likely happen. Something is about to happen soon.

Ian Rapoport said nothing is happening soon. I thought about Nick Bosa. I thought about Nick Bosa joining the Dallas Cowboys.

Bosa wants a big contract extension as his rookie deal ends soon. Bosa has an impressive resume: three-time Pro Bowler, 2022 Defensive Player of the Year, All-Pro team, and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Bosa has been mostly healthy, missing only one game in the last two seasons, except for 2020 when he missed most of the games. 

Bosa has 34 sacks in the past two years, with 18.5 in 2022. The star had an impressive season with 51 tackles, 48 quarterback hits, 19 tackles for loss, and two forced fumbles.

Bosa and Parsons together would scare quarterbacks and strain the Cowboys' cap. 

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