Deion Sanders has stunning answer after being asked if he will ever coach the Dallas Cowboys

Deion Sanders is becoming the most popular player in college football. Sanders is getting a lot of attention because his Colorado team beat the team that was second in the country last season. 

Sanders was recently asked by Sports Illustrated if he would ever think about teaching in the NFL, specifically for the Dallas Cowboys. His answer might surprise you.

Sanders said, "I don't want or plan to be a coach in the NFL." "I have a different shape. Jerry Jones is great. I love that whole family very much.

When asked to explain his point of view, Sanders was happy to do so. "I don't like it when men don't do their jobs but still get paid. 

He likes coaching at the college level, and if he keeps coaching, it looks like this is where he will stay.

At the moment, it seems like Colorado will do everything it can to keep Sanders.

But Sanders could decide at some point that he wants to try something else. 

Could one of the big schools try to get him to leave Colorado by giving him a lot of money?

If he can bring Colorado back to the top of the national rankings, many schools will try to get him to do the same for them.

The Seahawks made roster moves before their season opener against the Rams. Seahawks signed quarterback Holton Ahlers.

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