Detroit Lions Isaiah Buggs Returns to NFL Practice

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Isaiah Buggs practiced Monday ahead of their season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Lions' new secondary players will have a chance to shine against the NFL's greatest quarterback in the Chiefs game. 

In a Monday news conference, defensive backs coach Brian Duker defined the unit. 

"I think what we've seen so far in practice is that it's a very opportunistic, intelligent group," Duker added. 

I expect them to recognize formations and attacking concepts and seize the ball. I think that's our identity and hope it comes up Thursday.

Patrick Mahomes has guided the Chiefs to greatness in five seasons as a starter. 

Duker said "He just continues to get better understanding defenses". 

The repetitions in their scheme are natural for him, but I think he has a fair notion of where the ball will go pre-snap based on the looks he's getting.

After the snap, he has a short read on how maybe I thought I was receiving this coverage and it changed, but now I know where the football should go.

The coaching staff emphasizes covering until the play is whistled over, regardless of how long it takes.

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