Eagles Weak, Vikings Fumble As Philly Wins

Hurts has 10 rushing scores on QB sneaks since last season, seven more than any other signal-caller, including playoffs.

His "tush push" has helped him convert 34 of 36 sneaks when pushed by teammates in the last two seasons, including playoffs. 

Key play: Defensive end Josh Sweat batted Kirk Cousins' ball loose near the edge with the Eagles leading 13-7 in the third quarter.

Hurts scored on Fletcher Cox's recovery to Minnesota's 7-yard line. 

The Vikings lost more than the Eagles. For the second time this season, they didn't attempt a win.

The Vikings lost three fumbles in the first half, including one by receiver Justin Jefferson as he tried to score, and finished with four.

Given their Week 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their sloppy play, the Vikings became the first NFL team since 2003 to drop six fumbles in two games.

Who knows how this or last week's game might have gone if the Vikings had kept the ball. Despite errors, they twice turned a 27-7 deficit into a one-score game midway in the fourth quarter. 

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