Groundbreaking Ex-Raider Abruptly Retires at 30

Carl Nassib made history as the first openly gay NFL player in 2021. Just two years later, he quit football.

Nassib reminisced about starting as a walk-on at Penn State. Football has given me so much. I gave it my all, so I can retire now.

Nassib had 3.5 sacks with the Tampa Buccaneers last season. He's retiring young at 30. 

It didn't join a team in free agency but might be added to a roster soon. Nassib played for the Raiders and Browns too.

Carl Nassib is young, healthy, and has more seasons to play. Enduring an NFL season requires significant mental energy.

Nassib has played football for most of his life, despite being in the NFL for only seven years.

Nassib said it would have been his 23rd football season. I've played football since age eight and I'm thrilled for the next chapter.

Nassib is transitioning to new endeavors. Football and corporate office work are vastly different.

Nassib emphasized the need to consistently prove oneself. Stay humble and motivated. 

It's great that everyone in the locker room believes in that too. I'll miss it. I try to bring creativity to the corporate world, but it's not as fulfilling.

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