Is Russell Wilson cooked?

This is a crucial year for Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. 

Broncos traded for Wilson and signed him to a $242 million contract extension with a $48 million average salary over five years, making him the fourth highest-paid NFL QB.

Wilson's move to a new environment was expected to revive his explosive playmaking and guide the Broncos to the playoffs.

No, that didn't happen. Russ struggled in his first year in Denver, lacking confidence and hurting the Broncos. 

Sean Payton, an experienced head coach, must make this work with Wilson. The priority for him and the Broncos is improving Wilson's QB performance. 

To determine Russ's appearance this year, we need to understand his abilities and limitations at 35.

Russell Wilson won't be returning to the field in 2023, and that's understandable. 

His decline in key areas of his game is a major concern, especially given the current defensive strategies in the NFL. Russ's quick game and short passing skills were never impressiv.

NFL defenses focus on stopping deep passes. 2-high defenses prevent explosive plays by placing two safeties at the top of the defense. 

To break a defensive shell, the offense can run the ball and use play action or be efficient in the quick game to force safeties to adjust.

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