Joe Burrow contract extension details, cap hits revealed

The Cincinnati Bengals' enormous Joe Burrow contract extension facts have finally been revealed.

Finally, the year-by-year facts of Burrow's five-year, $275 million deal with $219 million in guarantees make him the highest-paid NFL player ever.

As previously stated, Burrow's seven-year, $310 million contract includes the five years added to his rookie agreement.

However, the Bengals used six incentives to reduce cap impacts until 2029, which was surprising.

2023: $19.5M 2024: $29.7M 2025: $46.25M 2026: $48.25M 2027: $52.25M 2028: $53.5M 2029: $68.5M 2030: $9M (dead)

This is an unparalleled Bengals agreement, even with guarantees after Year 1. They may have to do that next year if they extend Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

A few years from now, team and player will likely make an editing pass to generate cap space, as with every mega-deal.

Even now, cap hits are manageable until 2027, and the team can still sign Chase, Higgins, and others.

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