NFL Officially Begins ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games

The NFL is reportedly commencing its season's inaugural game with a rendition of the "Black National Anthem."

Arizona Republican Kari Lake has asserted that this practice is both racially discriminatory and constitutes "divisive rhetoric."

Lake expressed, "I stand in opposition to the idea of a 'Black National Anthem,' just as I oppose the concept of a 'White National Anthem,

 a 'Homosexual National Anthem,' a 'Heterosexual National Anthem,' a 'Jewish National Anthem,' a 'Christian National Anthem,' and so forth."

She continued to state, "I have heard that the NFL is determined to impose this divisive narrative upon the American populace. I, for one, will not support it—quite literally."

Lake went on to elaborate, "America possesses a singular National Anthem, one that remains blind to distinctions of color."

The new anthem in question is titled "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and was also performed before Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona.

Lake chose not to stand during the rendition of this additional anthem, which focuses on racial themes.

She concluded, "We are a unified nation, under God, as evidenced by the enduring relevance of Francis Scott Key's lyrics, which resonate with every American citizen, regardless of their racial heritage."

California Republican Larry Elder and Burgess Owens, a former NFL player and current Utah Representative, concurred with Lake's perspective.

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