NFL Predictions: Week 3's Winners and Losers

Texans vs. Jaguars Winner: Jaguars Trevor Lawrence is 1-3 versus the Texans at home, but the Jaguars are without much of their starting secondary and offensive line.

Giants vs. 49ers Winner: 49ers Giants were outscored 60-0 in the opening six quarters this year. Very terrible. 

Falcons vs. Lions Winner: Lions This one might go any way, but the Falcons' quarterback hole will catch up.

Bills vs. Commanders Winner: Bills I think the Bills beat a Commanders team that isn't as excellent as their record but isn't as poor as many expected.

Broncos vs. Dolphins Winner: Dolphins Coach of the year should be Mike McDaniel. Elite Dolphins offensive

Colts vs. Ravens Winner: Ravens An NFL rookie quarterback versus the top defensive coordinator is a mismatch.