NFL Week 2: The Latest Buzz on Stefon Diggs, Chris Jones and Zach Wilson

DT Chiefs Kansas City's staff was so thrilled with Chris Jones' performance this week that they don't have a pitch count for him Sunday in Jacksonville. 

He played roughly 79.8% of Kansas City's defensive snaps last year, reaching 90% in four regular-season games. That's a lot for a defensive lineman who missed training camp.

Diggs may not always be Bill. Buffalo will receive his best from now on. But it still involves obtaining an NFL star at his position.

The Eagles' pass game has been shaky for two weeks (and did Thursday outside of DeVonta Smith's long touchdown ball), and the Patriots' and Vikings' defenses may be to blame. 

From early February, when Aaron Rodgers became a possibility, coach Robert Saleh and GM Joe Douglas wanted to keep Wilson and develop him behind him. 

Unsure if Wilson would go for it. He was in, and the Jets were too. Which means they still believe in Wilson, even though he may not be what they expected.

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