Outlander star Sam Heughan's rom-com flop has become a hit on Netflix

The film "Love Again," featuring Sam Heughan from the popular series "Outlander," has achieved remarkable success through streaming, following a modest $12.7 million box office collection.

Now available to Netflix subscribers in the United States, this romantic comedy has officially become the most-watched movie on the platform since its release just last week, as reported by FlixPatrol.

In a similar vein, Adam Driver's film "65," which initially faced challenges during its theatrical run, experienced a resurgence in popularity back in July.

In "Love Again," we witness Priyanka Chopra portraying the character of Mira Ray, who pens a series of heartfelt messages to her departed fiancé via mobile text.

Little does she know, the number has since been reassigned to the work phone of journalist Rob Burns, portrayed by Heughan.

Captivated by Mira's candid expressions of love, he seeks the assistance of the renowned singing sensation Celine Dion in unraveling the mystery of winning this enigmatic woman's heart.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy earlier this year, Heughan showered praise on Celine Dion's acting debut, saying, "Isn't she remarkable? She is truly an exceptional individual.

"I believe she could have graced the silver screen, but I am elated that she has graced us with her presence and contributed five remarkable new original tracks.

"[She] is also quite humorous, which is not at all surprising given her professionalism. She possesses her own extraordinary love story, and I believe she is the ideal match for this project.

"She exudes a genuine, approachable persona, which resonates with viewers."

Later this year, Heughan will also grace our screens in Channel 4's psychological drama "The Couple Next Door" and the second installment of "Outlander" Season 7.

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