Peyton Manning Reveals Three NFL Starting Quarterbacks Rejected His Offer on Tuesday

It's likely difficult to say no to Peyton Manning. However, he has faced a great deal of rejection this week. 

This week, the NFL great admitted that three starting quarterbacks had turned down his services. 

To be included on the upcoming second season of the Netflix documentary series "Quarterback." 

Season one was all about Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. 

Other NFL quarterbacks, though, reportedly have no desire to be filmed for an extended period of time (as if they aren't already). 

I really hope we hear back from someone who is interested in doing this. Peyton gave in. 

Yesterday, three starting quarterbacks flat-out rejected me, so I'm swallowing my pride and accepting their decision. 

Some of the guys might be worried that it would take attention away from the game, but I've already told a handful of them, "I guarantee you'll win the Super Bowl like Mahomes if you do it.

Mahomes won the Super Bowl last season, despite the fact that his teammates likely view his success as a distraction.

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