Ranking the top 5 point guards for the 2023-24 season

Point guard is now the NBA's deepest and most prolific position. NBA point guard position has evolved significantly. 

Most NBA point guards aim to score 25-30 points and provide 6-7 assists per game. 

Top point guards are typically both scorers and playmakers, with some still adhering to traditional styles. 

22 out of 30 NBA starting point guards last season averaged 15+ points per game. 15 top point guards in NBA.

Damian Lillard is a top new-age point guard. Lillard, despite injuries, remains a top NBA point guard.

Lillard had a great season, averaging 32.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.3 assists with high shooting efficiency. 

Damian Lillard is unique in the NBA. Lillard made 37% of his 582 3-pointers from 25 feet or more last season.

Lillard is an incredibly efficient scorer, making any shot with ease. He scored 71 points in a game last season, proving his deadly scoring ability. 

Lillard led his team to the playoffs every season except his rookie year and reached the Western Conference Finals in 2019. With him, the Trail Blazers went 27-31, like a 38-win season.

Lillard wants to join the Miami Heat for better support. In Miami, his stats may change, but he'll still make an impact. 

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