The Best Kisser Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Kissing Aries will surprise you. This sign won't kiss well unless they want to.


When they're moody, don't keep them waiting—they'll take you for a ride with their magical pecks.

2. Taurus

Kissing a Taurean is passionate, and you'll melt into their arms quickly!


They're great at sensing their partners' moods and setting the stage for a hot date.

3. Cancer

Cancer may teach you seduction. The sign's emotional kisses will rock your world and leave you wanting more.


Cancerians are traditionalists who value family and long-term partnerships. Any Cancerian declaration of love can suffocate you with feelings and excitement.

4. Leo

Leos are good at luring, teasing, and seducing before a hot kiss. The sign loves to please, so expect movie-quality kisses!


Leos are proud of their make-out and lovemaking talents for good reason.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are amazing flirts who can enchant anyone. This sign loves spontaneity and experiences, therefore it doesn't mind going too quickly or slow or appearing too powerful.

5. Sagittarius

They'll blast you with passionate kisses, not hesitating to lean in first and not caring what others think.

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