The Type Of Toxic Partner You Romanticize, Based On Your Zodiac

1. Aries- The Dominator

Aries, you're a natural-born leader, but sometimes you fall for partners who dominate and control you. 

2. Tauru - The Possessive Lover

Taurus, your love for stability and security can lead you to romanticize possessive partners. 

3. Gemini- The Mysterious Enigma

Gemini, your curiosity knows no bounds, but you might be drawn to partners who keep you guessing. 

4. Cancer- The Emotional Rollercoaster

Cancer, your nurturing nature makes you susceptible to partners who thrive on drama. 

5. Leo- The Attention Seeker

Leo, your desire for admiration can lead you to romanticize partners who crave the spotlight. 

6. Virgo - The Perfectionist

Virgo, your attention to detail can make you attracted to partners who appear flawless. 

7. Libra- The Flirt

Libra, your love for harmony can draw you to charming partners who have a tendency to flirt with others. 

8. Scorpio- The Obsessive Lover

Scorpio, your intensity can lead you to partners who become possessively obsessed with you. 

9. Sagittarius- The Commitment-Phobe

Sagittarius, your adventurous spirit may romanticize partners who are commitment-phobic and free-spirited. 

10. Capricorn - The Workaholic

Capricorn, your ambition may lead you to partners who prioritize their careers over relationships. 

11. Aquarius- The Nonconformist

Aquarius, your love for uniqueness can attract you to partners who march to the beat of their own drum. 

12. Pisces- The Savior

Pisces, your compassionate nature may make you susceptible to partners who need constant saving. 

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