Today's horoscope: Free daily horoscope

Aries You want what? Don't wait for dreams to come true. You must act. Dare to do something hard.

Taurus Someone's grin makes you abandon your goals. You're unhappy because you prioritize others' needs.

Gemini  Allow no one to stop you. Today may be mixed. Everything is too uncertain for you.

Cancer Your temper. Be careful not to make your love envious. Why select the same fight? Focus on the future.

Leo If you want love, look about. Someone has targeted you for a time. You're feeling passionate and eager to argue. 

Virgo  Feeling uneasy makes you suppress your sentiments. This worries others. Your lover misses your affection and touch.

Libra Only you are responsible for your low cash. Libra, you're sensitive. Love is nice when excellent.

Scorpio Socializing with sensitive individuals may lead to spiritual growth. Your love may challenge you. Don't despair.

Sagittarius Avoid making little misunderstandings tragic. It takes time to develop your ideas, so be patient.

Capricorn You desire security, but it won't help. Take chances and stop limiting yourself! Accept that exciting invitation! Relax on the outing.

Aquarius Weight fluctuations are okay. Think about eating healthy greens and exercising. All is possible with your strength.

Pisces  You overestimate your abilities and act rashly. You may risk your life by acting irresponsibly.

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