Today's Love Horoscope, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries You're a lover yet can fight. A combatant with a soft place, you are. Love is healthy for you, and thinking about it makes you want more romance.

Taurus Mercury retrograde is over, your love and passion sector can improve after so long. Plan a date or romantic trip with your sweetheart to celebrate.

Gemini Now that Mercury retrograde is over, it's time to relax at home and let go of worry. Even bad memories may be pleasant ones.

Cancer As the season winds down, you might feel more comfortable asking for genuine chats, hugs, and holding hands.

Leo Set an exciting schedule since your love life will take a new turn. The last day of Mercury retrograde reduces financial stress. 

Virgo Mercury retrograde in your sign pulled things inside. Stuffed emotions and unfinished dialogues made you doubt this relationship would continue. 

Libra The last day of Mercury retrograde allows you and your mate to discuss what you need more from your love life. This day may be intelligent and solution-focused. 

Scorpio  Falling in love with a buddy is great, but sometimes you realize it wasn't what you wanted. A relationship you believed was right may end.

Sagittarius Your relationship may only go so far, but today, a respect problem may be your breaking point. Love makes it hard to feel this way. 

Capricorn  You'd climb mountains and fight terrible animals to make long-distance relationships work once you discover the right person. 

Aquarius  You're ready to reveal all your secrets on the appropriate person today. This Mercury retrograde season, you pondered things in your heart. 

Pisces The topic of commitment may seem off now, but you never know what your partner is thinking until they propose. 

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