Two-time Pro Bowl pass-rusher begins holdout; could trade be imminent?

Famous star demands new contract regularly. Brian Burns, a Pro Bowl edge-rusher for the Carolina Panthers, did not practice during Monday's walkthrough. 

Coach Reich is unsure if Burns will play on Sunday without a new contract. 

Brian Burns is a skilled pass-rusher in the NFL. The Florida State player has achieved 38 sacks, 77 quarterback hits, 196 tackles, and 43 tackles-for-loss. 

He's been a standout player for the franchise since 2019, and the Panthers want to keep him long-term.

In 2022, the Carolina Panthers fired their coach and traded Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49ers. 

Team building for the future, yet refusing to trade Brian Burns. The Rams offered first-round picks for Burns, but Carolina declined. 

The Panthers were firm that Brian Burns would not be included in any trade for the first-overall pick.

The Panthers keeping Burns shows they want him for the long term. Rejections have a ripple effect, as other teams are eager to have Burns on their roster.

Burns has leverage because others are willing to pay if Carolina doesn't. If Burns asks for too much money, Carolina may trade him to the highest bidder. 

The Dallas Cowboys traded with the San Francisco 49ers and are now urged to make a more significant deal than the previous one. 

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