Veteran NFL QB announces broadcasting gigs

It seems like Chase Daniel is giving up on his job.

The senior quarterback said on Tuesday that he is leaving the NFL to become a sportscaster, which seems to be the end of his NFL career.

Daniel was the Chargers' backup quarterback last year, but he also worked as an NFL Network reporter in the studio.

He will also host a podcast through The Athletic and a "upcoming NFL/College football season" on a network that hasn't been announced yet.

I'm going to be as real and genuine as I can and show you guys what it's really like to be in the NFL.

What people talk about in the locker room, what the first team meeting is like, and everything I've done in 14 years.

Even though the QB didn't get picked out of Missouri in 2009, he went on to have a 14-year run in the NFL. 

Daniel played in the league for more than a decade, but he only got to start five games, going 2-3.

He spent the last two seasons as Justin Herbert's backup in Los Angeles. 

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