Vikings Gives Brutal Update on Breakout RB’s Injury

Minnesota Vikings aim to enhance running game post Dalvin Cook departure.

Nwangwu is on injured reserve until Week 5, but his return may take longer than four weeks.

Coach O'Connell didn't provide a timeline for Nwangwu's return due to lower-back issues. No guarantees for his return this year.

Kene was put on injured reserve to recover from his injury and may return to help us in the future.Kene is improving and we hope to have him back with us this year.

O'Connell insisted on not setting a timeline for Nwangwu's rehab to avoid rushing it.

Timelines can be unfair to players. We want him to feel strong and ready to make an impact on the team. 

Ty Chandler will be the team's kickoff returner for now. He'll join Mattison and Gaskin as a backup.

The Vikings made few moves to improve the running game after releasing Cook in June, but one signing reveals their offensive strategy.

Josh Oliver, former Ravens tight end, joined the Vikings in March, making him the offense's key free-agency addition. 

Minnesota is investing in Oliver to change their offensive strategy and become a bigger team.

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