Your daily horoscope for Sept.

Aries: You're bursting with energy today! Your natural curiosity is sparking, urging you to start that project or take a risk in your personal life. 

Taurus: Enjoy the natural beauty and luxury today. Your sensuality enjoys luxury. Perhaps a garden walk or gourmet supper will satisfy you. 

Gemini: Mercurial energy today! With your quick wit and curiosity, you may get caught up in intriguing conversations and learning.

Cancer: The universe wants you to explore your emotions today. Your caring and empathy may help friends and relatives. But save energy for yourself.

Leo: Solar energies illuminate places and hearts today. Your limitless creativity inspires you to paint your life with pleasure and passion. 

Virgo: Now more than ever, your analytical mind can analyze issues and discover effective answers. Debunk your space, arrange your ideas.

Libra: Today the celestial forces are whispering harmony and balance. Reconciliation or peacemaking may need your diplomatic talents.

Scorpio: Today encourages you to explore your subconscious. With your transforming energies at their pinnacle, you can see deeper realities. 

Sagittarius: Today offers growth and discovery. Knowledge and adventure satisfy your intellectual appetite. 

Capricorn: You're focused and determined today. Discipline will help you meticulously complete jobs and build lasting structures. 

Aquarius: The universe asks you to think creatively today. Your groundbreaking ideas might transform your world.

Pisces: Your intuition can detect delicate vibrations. Creative expressions or spiritual activities that link you to global forces are appropriate today. 

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