Your Summer Romance Forecast, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Rekindle an old romance Refrain from investing too much in this connection if it's taking too much from you and not giving back.

Taurus: Break toxic cycles You may be revisiting some childhood patterns that have affected your adult relationships

Gemini: Get another shot at love This rendezvous has the chance to be very fulfilling, as long as both parties feel understood and validated.

Cancer: Deepen your relationship You might be feeling some discontentment coming up during this Venus retrograde.

Leo: Focus on self-love and confidence You might want a full makeover inside and out to attract the person you want, but don't change yourself for someone else.

Virgo: Indulge in a secret romance You may be craving excitement or a specific connection but not know what that means.

Libra: Say yes to setups If you're looking for a date or networking, you'll probably meet someone through friends or a mutual connection

Scorpio: Say goodbye to relationships that no longer work All your hard work over the years will pay off, and others who feel threatened by your success may be jealous.

Sagittarius: Keep things casual and fun You're looking at love in a new way, and the best way to narrow your options is to learn what you like and dislike in others

Capricorn: Embrace love and lust You're craving a deep connection that you can grow your roots with in trust and intimacy.

Aquarius: Take back your power This is a great time to reflect on what your closest connections say about you." "Ultimately, you decide who stays and who leaves.

Pisces: Look for love in unlikely places If you need some support or specific things from your relationship, you need to make that known.

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