Sean McVay: Rams Rookie QB Stetson Bennett Facing Issue ‘Bigger Than’ Football, Taken Off Roster

Because of concerns that are “bigger than” football, Rams head coach Sean McVay has decided to remove rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett off the active roster. McVay made the announcement.

Fans are taken aback by the decision, but McVay has been tight-lipped about the specifics of what is going on with the rookie picked in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

In the course of a news conference, McVay made the following statement: “Out of respect for him and the situation, I’m going to leave all of the specifics and particulars in-house.”

According to McVay, contrary to the initial supposition, Bennett’s departure from the roster is not connected to a recent minor shoulder injury that he sustained. This information comes after McVay made this clarification. Instead, it would appear that the young quarterback is struggling with issues that have nothing to do with the game itself and have taken precedence.

“I want to be able to do that out of respect for that situation, so I’m not going to really have any follow-up information or anything that I’ll give in that regard,” she said. “That’s why I won’t give anything in that regard.” According to McVay.

McVay made it quite apparent that he thinks everyone can see the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of this subject.

“I really hope that you can please respect my wishes in regards to keeping that in-house,” he pleaded with them. “I am aware that you have a task to accomplish; yet, there are certain things that, in my opinion, are rather larger in scope and somewhat more significant. We want to keep it in-house out of respect for the particulars and the nuances, and that’s where I’d like it to stay, if you don’t mind, please.

During the preseason and during his excellent collegiate career, which includes winning back-to-back national championships at Georgia in 2021 and 2022, Stetson Bennett shown signs of potential, as can be seen in his impressive record.

Despite his obvious ability on the field, during the pre-draft process, he was arrested for public drunkenness, which raised concerns about his level of maturity and his preparedness for the National Football League.

34 thoughts on “Sean McVay: Rams Rookie QB Stetson Bennett Facing Issue ‘Bigger Than’ Football, Taken Off Roster”

  1. If there is a way to help someone in the way they need and are ready for it’s a blessing! Lord knows l need that for me!!

  2. We love Stetson Bennett. I hope he is just off the active roster and not let go. Please keep him on board and reinstate him as soon as you can. WE WANT STETSON.

  3. Sure hope young Bennett gets “whatever” resolved. Followed him for 2+ years with the championship Bulldogs – great potential! I pray his issues are resolved and that he finds inner peace & joy!

  4. This wouldn’t be the first time of an issue of a rams quarterback that was picked in the draft by the rams can’t remember the name fully it was a quarterback from Nebraska if someone in the organization can remember that quarterback he actually never took a snap to my memory not even in the preseason.

  5. Stetson Bennet needs a reality check and come back down to ground Level, he thinks he’s the best that ever played football, he needs to take some lessons from the likes of Joe borrow and Patrick Mahomes. GROW UP!

  6. The signs have been there for some time. It appears that young Stetson has some adjustment disorder, and he also has some form of alcohol issue. Instead of getting rid of this young man get him some help. MH issues come in many forms. We all know that he is a great player let’s not throw him away like the league did Johnny Manziel.
    Blessings a Georgia Fan

  7. I don’t know what the problem is but with all the fighting that Stetson did to get to the NFL I pray it’s not something that he can’t beat sometimes in life we run into problems that sometimes just overwhelm us but if it’s afraid of Jehovah he’ll help us defeat whatever enemy is presented to us godspeed young man!

  8. I am very sorry for this news about Stetson Bennett I was ruthing for him to have a successful NFL Career I am from Georgia and I was proud of his Collegic accomplishments.
    I hope that what ever he is going through ” This to shall pass

  9. I am going to say that the young man is wrong for his problems.
    This young man has been through a lot since he played at Georgia!
    Playing for Kirby Smart is a thress on anyone as ya’ll could see!
    Kirby Smart has that move on every player on his team.

  10. There was always something wrong with Stetson, it was obvious whenever he was interviewed. I saw him several times being interviewed on Good Morning America, (GMA) and other media events and several people, UGA loyalists were there viewing also all said “there is something mentally/emotionally wrong with him. He didn’t get selected until the fourth round and it just wasn’t the intoxication events. There is a big difference between feeling good about yourself and being arrogant! I hope that he get the intervention that he needs. On a final note Coach Smart is a very good coach but there is something very wrong with the UGA football program! No hate here, just Godly concern.

  11. Well I sure wish him nothing but the best!!
    We all have our challenges in life, some more than others!!
    I hope everything works out as he has so much potential and talent. I just hope whatever is going on with him is not life threatening!!

  12. I am from georgia.stetson Bennett is a great athlete.his issues are worth saving.he just needs some help with the problem at hand.i hope and pray he will get the resources he’s needing to go further in his career.hes very young and had a great lasting impact he left with the georgia from a town not 20 miles down the road from his hometown.we need to make sure he’s given chance to overcome this situation at hand.he needs people to stand behind him.he is a great quarterback with lots of potential.he has surely shown this on the field.keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.hope the best for him.he can overcome anything.

  13. McVay You be should taken off the roster for what you did the other day at the end of the game. Wish you nothing but the worst Jerk !

  14. He overcame being a back up he was a walk on at Georgia he’ll resolve thru resilience that’s he’s always had and become a NFL QB and I respect McVay for the way he has kept a lid on the situation

  15. I live but when the media is frustrated because they can’t create a story and drama!!!
    Thank you Coach for standing your ground and respecting the Stetson.
    Perhaps the media can find a shooting victim and ask ridiculous, repetitive and offensive questions.


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