4 Zodiacs Beginning A New Life Chapter In September


This is the chapter of life in which you reach and recognize your limits and are ultimately able to communicate your true feelings to another person. The you that appears to be the life of the party with an endless supply of quips returns home to a friend or partner with whom you can share every insecurity, anxiety, or concern. The portion of you that attempts to impress others, that worries about not being good enough, and that fears missing subtle social signals. On the surface, everything appears serene and collected, but you are fighting like heck to remain afloat. This is natural and logical, and the only way to begin to combat these thoughts and emotions is to find an outlet for them.


This is the chapter of life in which you identify an excess and begin to correct your course. Whether you overspend, have an extreme exercise regimen, or work until your irises explode in front of your computer, acknowledging the problem is the first step toward improvement. The equilibrium you believed you had and boasted to the world about was a sham, a façade. It was the expression of a desire for the existence you crave. If only…when I have sufficient blank…after completing x, y, and z, I’ll finally get my act together. This is the month in which you cease delaying the commencement date.


This next chapter of your life is when you throw someone’s opinion out of a moving vehicle window and never glance back at what you’ve left behind. Today is the day you acknowledge that whoever you’ve been trying to please will never give you the nod of approval you’ve been seeking, and you redirect the effort you’ve been devoting to them to another aspect of your life that will actually generate results. Lighten the strain, release that burden, and ultimately accept that it is not you who is at fault. Something you’ve always considered but never trulyccessed prior to this point.


You have been following a group for too long. You have allowed this group to make all of your major life decisions up until this point, whether it be friends, coworkers, in-laws, etc. You’ve been too cowardly to stand up for yourself, express your own opinion, and perhaps even form one without their input. This month, however, everything changes as you become an adult. You have the intelligence and wherewithal to see things for yourself and evaluate a situation accurately. You hold the reins of your existence and are not required to give them over to anyone else. Nothing but good will follow if you steer yourself toward the contentment you desire, including a better circle to surround yourself with. The current state of affairs is not the only possible state.

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